Beef Box (50 lbs.)

Beef Box (50 lbs.)

Weight 50 lbs.
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From holiday dinner parties to dinner tonight, enjoy the practical convenience of having a broad selection of cuts in your freezer whenever needed. GFF Beef Boxes make a great choice for families who are serious about eating healthy every day!

Beef Box (50 lbs.)

Included in your box:

    o 4 Ribeyes
    o 4 Tenderloins
    o 4 NY Strips
    o 4 Sirloins
    o 4 Cutlets
    o 2 Roast
    o 2 Short Ribs
    o 14-30 lbs. Ground Beef (1 lb packages)

    * 2 cubic feet of freezer space is needed

    Details on our Beef Boxes

    o All pieces are pre-cut & packaged to our most popular portion specifications
    o All pieces are frozen & vacuum sealed