Regenerative Practices and Soil Health

We are regenerative farmers. We believe soil health is the key to healthy forages, healthy animals, and healthy people. Our emphasis is on the life of the soil, and we strive to promote life at every decision. This includes stewarding the livestock above ground as well as the “livestock” below the ground, down to the tiniest microbe.

We farm using methods that are designed to increase soil health, conserve precious water, and protect the environment. This creates an ecosystem in which plants and animals can thrive. Out of this, we can provide our local communities with fresh, nutrient-dense food.


Respect for Life, Both Present and Future

We respect the lives of the animals that help sustain us, and we make decisions in light of this. This includes everything... from the good life of grazing diverse forages and frequent movement to fresh paddocks, to humane processing.

We believe the principle that “the needs of the present must be met without compromising the needs of the future.”


Transparent Relationships and Local Food

We feel that a healthy relationship between humans and the environment includes a dedication to local markets that helps reduce our collective footprint and fosters a level of personal connection with the food we consume. We believe it is important to know where your food comes from.

We are committed to open interaction between farmer and consumer, encouraging people to visit and learn how their food is being produced. We believe this kind of transparency promotes healthy and responsibly raised food.

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